I'm working on something new in the travel space. Can't wait to share more soon. We're building something that will improve peoples lives, and make people happy! Something that really scratches that travel itch.

After a 2 month trip to Hawaii I'm finally back in California. We brought our entire team out to Hawai to build out our MVP. I already miss the beach, sun, rush and sway of the waves. I often found myself reflecting on the day, delving into thoughts, untangling fears, and constructing/deconstructing ideas. The weekends were full of family time, food, and laughter -- some of which will be sorely missed in Los Angeles.

On the trip I realized I have a brillant and driven co-founder. Our team is full of smart, funny, good, and caring people. I love being around these people all day. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual!

In other news: I'm finally moving to San Francisco! After a 4 year love affair I think it's time to commit. I've already fallen in love with the Mission area. I'm on the hunt now for apartments... My fingers are crossed that we will call SF home by November.