This post and my simplified webdesign was inspired by this post Start With Words .

I’ve decided that my days of configuring, updating, and maintaing my WP site on the weekends are over. I am hav moved to a static blog format!

I have had several friends who haved moved off from self-managed Wordpress sites to Jekyll.

My reasoning is that I’m tired of updating my blog software, I am bored of wordpress bloat, and I wanted to learn something new.

Jekyll Rears it’s Head

Jekyll, is software that compiles pages into a set of static files. It all happens on my machine. I either sync it to github, pull it down on server (via a webhook), and compile or copy it over.


I know just enough ruby to be dangerous. I think that’s all that is needed.

I used jekyll to run doge4water’s website. I realized how easy it is to build html by hand. Writing posts in markdown is much more raw and feels closer to the metal. I want to extend the same power to the rest of my work.


I have several data driven projects in the works. I plan on releasing a couple projects. Since the data on these sites is unlikely to change frequently I can use Jekyll to generate a static site.

The projects I’ll be releasing are: A Local’s Guide to the Best Places to Eat in Hawaii, and Hawaii Startup Founders.