Update: A friend suggested that this experiment isn’t entirely honest because helping someone and the feeling associated with helping someone can be seen as an intrinsic reward. However, the spirit of this experiment mainly to consciously put myself in a position where I am not hoping or expecting to be owed a future favor.

After reading this post “Why You Should Give Before You Get” I decided to start a new personal project to test the validity of helping people without expectations.

I call the project: “No Future Favors” or NFF for short. The end goal of this project is to successfully connect people, give helpful feedback or advice, or simply do something that someone asks without expecting anything in return.

I will:

  • Introduce you to someone you want to meet (assuming I know them)</li>
  • Give constructive and honest feedback on a product or idea you have</li>
  • Simply do something you ask me to do (as long as it doesn’t include hurting someone, potentially getting injured or hurt, or buying something).

Interested in keeping me honest?

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