This #100kidea is an personal exercise for generating and sharing possibly zany ideas. It allows you to look at a problem and come up with a hypothesis for further exploration.


Problem: Men want to pop a zit, or pop out a blackhead without using dirty fingers.

Solution: A device you could use on your face, or back to remove a blackhead, or pierce an ingrown/infected pore after shaving. single use, sterilized. use once then toss.

Business model: Sell the devices in a 10 pack for $3.99

Oh God I’m Starving - 4HB Edition

Problem: People on 4HB diets are sick of eating mexican food day in and day out. We already eat egg whites and lentils, give us one attempt at eating something different.

Solution: An iPhone app that lists the 5 nearest restaurants that serve low-carb meals, mexican restaurants are enabled if nothing is found nearby. Pulls in yelp reviews, open table if needed. Analyzes menus of top restaurants and provides a %-indicator of chance a person on slow-car/low-carb diet could find something to eat.

Business model: none


Problem: Measuring body composition changes with a normal measuring tape is a slow process, has no digital method for analyzing data without first being typed in/written down, and is a big pain in the ass.

Solution: A measuring tape that wirelessly records body measurements. would measure body parts in succession: right arm, left arm, chest inflated, deflated, thinnest part of waist, widest part of waist, over belly button, over hips, right thigh, left thigh. This information would be combined with a withings scale and graphed visually to show body composition trends – a picture of a human body/torso would show green/red body parts where measurements have increased/decreased. Users would be able to set whether growth or reduction was positive/negative – waist: shrink = positive/green, biceps = grow = positive. Work with a company like Orbi-tape. USB and Wifi enabled. Would also have a measurement averaging system (MAS) – the system would work by taking a series of measurements over 3 seconds, remove 10% highest and lowest deltas (tension on the measurement apparatus) and then provide the filtered number.

Business model: Get the device built for <40$, patent the MAS and process. Produce the units in China. After successive branding campaign, white label the technology or sell units for 79.99 1 mm increments, and sell a pro version with finer measurement increments of 0.1mm, stretch-resistant tape, and a built-in measurement averaging system. Make a deal with Withings corporation and license technology, synchronize with their apps.


Problem: People hate looking over their credit card bills. Hidden within a household’s credit card statements are at least two recurring payments that could be removed or reduced. Analyzing, calculating how much could be saved, and the process of canceling these subscriptions is a time consuming task.

Solution: An iPhone app that analyzes all your credit card bills and tell you what recurring charges you have, the frequency of the charge, the amount of the charge (or average), and provide a button you could click to cancel it if refunds are pro-rated – or schedule to cancel it 7 days before end of next billing cycle. Would be useful to track down wasted subscriptions for people who don’t pore over their credit card bills with a magnifying glass. Results are shown in $ you will save if you cancel right now, estimated time it will take to cancel via customer service: ex: “Save 300$ by end of year by spending 25 minutes via phone”.

Business model: Recancel makes a 4.99 fee by canceling on behalf of you. Credit card analysis is free for first credit card, 4.99 for next 3.


**Problem: Walking around a hilly city is good for your health. But sometimes you’re tired, carrying something heavy, or just plain lazy.

Solution: An iPhone app that, given a departure and destination will show you the route that requires the least amount of energy. Would have two options for results: by least energy required, best suggested route. Best suggested route would suggest the lowest energy routes, while still having the route make general progress in the direction of the destination.

Business model: Makes money via the Lazy Adnetwork, all those super lazy gadgets you see on tv that you think no one would be lazy enough to buy… well, these users might.