A 100k idea, not something meant to make anyone insanely rich. It’s an idea for solving a problem that I see. If you build it. Please send me an early invite. I’m going to try to post up a 100k idea each week.

photo by @mhofstrand


Grandmas love sending email forwards, inspirational photos, powerpoints (wtf?), religious stuff, stuff about supporting our troops. So why not give them a place to do this?

Introducing GrandmaMail: The world’s most simple email system, with over 50,000 forwardable emails baked-in.

Four simple functions:

  • A simple large-button UI built for grandma’s who wear reading glasses.

  • A gigantic gallery of forwardable emails : cat pictures, dog pictures, religious forwards, uplifting quotes. You sign your grandma up for categories she likes and she’ll get a new email each day from each category.

  • WRITE and SEND - Would function like any normal email editor. Except everything is in large text. A super simple photo adder, with a search bar, and giant photos they click and it gets added.

  • OOPS button - Undoes whatever they just did, and explains what it undid in simple english.

  • SOS - Sends an alert to the Techie Grandchild, daughter-in-law whoever is the families go-to computer person. This sends an IM, and email with a link that lets you see the exact screen your Grandma is on. It’s like a screenshare of their email where you can guide your grandma and make whatever change/fix is needed.

GrandmaMail offers a safe environment: blocks out all types of email scams that prey on grandmas/grandpas like Nigerian princes, people in distress, anything that could even be considered fishy.

Advanced pay features:

Smart block: a filter that prevents forwarded mails from being sent to you. Only legitimate written mails make it out of the system.

A schedule and visual indicator on your Grandma’s mail that lets her know you’re available for SOS (free users ALWAYS get emailed when they’re grandmas click SOS).

Update: New features: Automatic Snopes true/false analysis.